Life of Ning The Logbook
April 2nd, 2024 Daily Log

⭐️ 2024-04-02: The Way of Kings and Physical 100

⭐️ One line for 2024-04-02: Cleaning day interrupted by The Way of Kings, daring to run despite my health, watching the final episodes of Physical 100 Season 2.

Started listening to The Way of Kings audiobook while cleaning, ended up engrossed with the story, and just mindlessly cleaning lol. I think I'm in for one hell of a ride with this one. 

Despite not fully recovering, I needed to strengthen my mind, so I went out for a short run. I was gassed out after just 1.5 km 😂

The final two episodes of 'Physical 100' Season 2 were released today, and I  enjoyed this season. The downside was the lack of variety in quests, as they did multiple rounds instead of multiple games. However, I think the contenders in this season are more well-rounded. I was rooting for both of the last contenders right from the start, and their match against each other was quite captivating. This show truly emphasizes being an all-rounder who can rise to any occasion, making me feel like I should train in more of a cross-fit style from now on.

The ending also hinted that season 3 is guaranteed. Can’t wait for it!!