Life of Ning The Logbook
April 3rd, 2024 Daily Log

⭐️ 2024-04-03: The Way of Kings Day, With Some Gym Bro Roasting

⭐ One line for 2024-04-03: Spent the day immersed in The Way of Kings and ended it with some gym bro roasting videos.

I intended to be productive but ended up spending the day reading The Way of Kings instead. The author's ability to make readers genuinely care about the characters is impressive. I appreciate how he utilizes action verbs and concise sentences to create a sharp and fast-paced narrative while providing tons of information for proper world-building. Despite dedicating the entire day to reading, I only managed to reach 20% of the book. I hope to finish it before the return date.

After reading part 1, I planned to get some work done but once again got sidetracked. LOL

I came across Eric Bugenhagen’s videos, and in particular, this one Reacting to Jeff Nippard’s Chest Exercise Rankings. While I enjoy Jeff Nippard's content, I agree with Bugenhagen's critique that the rankings seemed flawed. I found it puzzling that machines and cables are constantly crowned as superior exercises most of the time for Nippard. This trend towards optimizing workouts over focusing on functionality is my new pet peeve. The way Bugenhagen discusses these topics is entertaining but also raises some concerns. While stressing out over a little more of a stretch may seem excessive, promoting traditional movements solely for the sake of loading up more plates can also be misguided.

It's important to maintain a balanced viewpoint towards fitness rather than embracing extremes. My motto is everything in moderation and embracing diverse perspectives, a notion that I feel both Bugenhagen and Nippard overlooked in their fitness philosophy.